Selamatkan Penyu Belimbing

Kartun ini merupakan satu sumbangan untuk kempen Selamatkan Penyu Belimbing
Penyu belimbing merupakan salah satu spesis penyu yang paling besar yang masih hidup namun jumlahnya masih kurang dan terus berkurangan dan hampir atau mungkin telah pupus. Atas kesedaran itu kita haruslah jangan makan telur penyu kalau nak gi tengok penyu bertelur takpe.bak kata satu lagu tu...kita tengok penyu teloq..penyu tengok teloq kita....Ingat Anda mampu mengubahnya....


I'm sick with these people's. They always took away my eggs . If this continue I never got a chance to have my baby.
My species are on the brink of extinction.. so I must do something to stopped them Something must been done. The turtle got to do what the turtle got to do
Now I feel save and sound with them around.

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Leatherbacks (Dermochelys coriacea)Largest of all marine turtles, leatherbacks are also one of the largest living reptiles. They are easily distinguished by their leathery carapace (shell), unlike other turtles which are hard-shelled, and by their long front flippers. Seven ridges run down the length of their white spotted carapace.Leatherbacks are one of the most migratory of all marine turtles. The biggest ever recorded leatherback turtle was a male that reached 256 cm long and weighed 916 kg! They can also dive much deeper than any other marine turtle. The deepest dive ever recorded for a reptile was by a leatherback to a depth of 1,230 metres.The critically endangered leatherback turtle or Penyu Belimbing to locals, is now facing extinction in Malaysia. Rantau Abang, Terengganu used to be the nesting home of one of the seven largest leatherback populations in the world but its population has declined by more than 99% since the 1960s.

These gentle mariners have swum in the world’s oceans for over 100 million years and have outlived the dinosaurs...but are now struggling to survive, due to our actions towards our lanet. Their survival is in our hands. Help save the turtles...before it's too late.© WWF-Malaysia

What You Can DoTo save our turtles...

  1. Do not buy souvenirs made from turtles.
  2. Do not buy and create a demand for turtle eggs. Allow the eggs to be incubated naturally where laid.
  3. Ensure rubbish is properly disposed of. Plastic bags floating in the ocean are often mistaken for food, and when eaten, may cause a turtle’s death.
  4. Do not light up fires or make noise on a nesting beach. These activities may disturb a nesting turtle.
  5. Avoid using illegal, non-turtle friendly fishing devices. A turtle caught in fishing gear may drown and die.
  6. Support turtle conservation efforts and pass on the conservation message.


Penyu Belimbing (bahasa Inggeris: Leatherback Sea Turtle) mempunyai nama sains Dermochelys coriacea. Penyu Belimbing tergolong dalam Kerajaan Haiwan, mempunyai saraf tunjang (phylum chordata), bertulang belakang (subphylum verterbrata), kelas Reptilia, order testudines, dari keluarga dermochelyidae, spesies Dermochelys coriacea.
Nama saintifik keluarga Dermochelys berasal daripada dua perkataan Yunani "Greek" iaitu derma (kulit) and chelys (penyu). Nama spesies pula berasal daripada perkataan Yunani corium (kulit lembu "leather"). Oleh itu nama saintifik penyu Belimbing, Dermochelys coriacea bererti penyu berkulit seperti kulit lembu "leather".
Penyu Belimbing gergasi (Dermochelys coriacea) merupakan satu daripada tujuh spesies penyu di dunia, dan merupakan yang terbesar. Penyu Belimbing selalunya memilih kawasan pantai yang gelap, sunyi dan berpasir untuk bertelur dan Rantau Abang, Malaysia merupakan salah satu daripada destinasi untuk penyu Belimbing bertelur selain daripada 3 kawasan persisiran pantai Amerika Selatan, "Las Baulas".
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